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Wednesday Night BINGO is back!
Doors open at 4:30pm, Games begin at 6:45pm

Food and Drink will also be available to purchase from our hot and cold full serve kitchen, with free coffee and tea.


* After 11 numbers called, turns into a five number BINGO

Games may be changed at the discretion of the caller


Early Bird winner take all - White Strips - $1.00 per sheet

  • Double Bingo - Same Card (No 4 Corners)

  • Triple Bingo

  • Cover All

Regular Games

  • Regular Bingo*

  • Six Pack

  • Small Letter "C" (No B's or O's)

  • Double Bingo

  • Block of Nine w/ Wild Number (anywhere on card)

  • Regular Bingo*

  • Crazy Kite (No N's)

Special Game - Black Strips - $1.00 per sheet

  • 50/50 Triple Bingo/Same Card

Middle Games - Yellow Strips - $1.00 per sheet

  • Double Postage Stamp (No N's Called)

  • Triple Postage Stamp (No N's Called)

  • Clover Leaf (No N's Called)

Regular Games Continued

  • Any Diagonal

  • Letter X

  • Hardway Bingo

  • Checkmark (No N's)

  • Number "7" (No N's Called, N's Are Free)

  • Letter "Z" (No N's Called, N's Are Free)

  • Double Bingo w/ Wild Number (anywhere on card)

Special Game - (Yellow Sheet) Cover All - $1.00 each

Progressive Jackpot Game - Pink Strips - $1

  • Double Bingo

  • Large Square

  • Jackpot Coverall

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