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Parish Grand Annual

2023 Grand Annual Appeal  Dearest parishioner, St. Joseph Church has served religious needs in many capacities in a unique way due to your generosity not only supports daily operations and ongoing maintenance of our buildings and grounds but is also a tangible sign of the faith and vitality of our community. As your administrator, part of my responsibility is to ensure a solid fnancial foundation for our parish that can drive capital improvements and ongoing maintenance. The increase in low-threat crimes poses an increasingly hostile environment to faith-based organizations and the reason to be wary, mindful, and vigilant of security protocols and to evaluate security measures for Mass, Religious Education, and social event gatherings in the Church property. Our 2023 Grand Annual budget of $50,000 is tailored to support this key security initiative we cannot cover from our regular operating account. Please consider a gift of $300 or more. Please return the Grand Annual pledge card on the weekend of October 2nd, indicating your gift. You may place the pledge card in the Sunday collection or return it to the parish by mail. Those on the envelope system will receive a Grand Annual envelope in the monthly mailing. You may use either form to make your gift. Once again, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to make your gift in two payments. Some may need, as was true in previous years, to make more than two payments. No matter how you donate, your generosity will be much appreciated. I truly appreciate any assistance you can give, understanding that you have already been generous to the parish.

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